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Rebalancing bodywork

A unique form of deep and soft tissue massage

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Our body has an excellent memory - it stores our emotional and physical experiences, which impacts our body. Some of those experiences lead to tension, pain, emotional blockages, and overall disbalance in the body.

Rebalancing bodywork is a unique massage technique helping people reconnect body and mind, release physical and emotional tension and bring posture back to optimal alignment.

 It is a holistic approach, working with the root of the issue. The key elements are deep, slow, sensitive strokes, joint mobilization, energy and breathwork. 

Be conscious, be aware, be in the moment!

About me

About Linda

Linda Dimante is a certified Rebalancing bodyworker with a degree in psychology and holds a level 2 certificate in Float Therapy. Born and raised in Latvia and currently residing in Iceland.

In her work, Linda helps people to get in sync with their body and mind. Her goal is to help clients to gain knowledge about themselves to bring them back into their strength and power to make their lives more joyful, peaceful, and balanced. 

Now she is offering to experience Rebalancing deep tissue massage in Reykjavik. 

About sessions

Rebalancing sessions

Rebalancing bodywork can be helpful and beneficial for all people regardless of their age and life situation. The session starts with a short conversation. It helps to understand better what the body needs and connect with oneself to get the most out of the session. 

Rebalancing bodywork is built on a systematic ten sessions approach, working throughout the whole body, and accessing deep layers of muscles, however, each session is complete itself and you can book a single appointment as well.


Standard (90 min): 19.000 ISK
Short (60 min): 14.000 ISK

You can book a session either through the booking system or contact me via email or phone.

Expierence you must immerse yourself in. The attention Linda gives is incomparable to anything else I've ever encountered - her care is felt every second of the way.

I encountered a unique kind of relaxation and peace during the sessions with Linda. Such feelings and emotions that are hard to describe but are life-changing. 

I highly encourage this to anyone who is on their journey of self-exploration, as this is the perfect experience to take it to the next level in not only understanding your body better but also the mind & heart.



Get in Touch

If you have any questions regarding rebalancing bodywork and/or bookings, please contact me via the contact form or


Laugarvegur 178,

Reykjavik, 105


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