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Linda has always been fascinated by the human mind, which brought her to Psychology studies at Riga Stradins University, where she got a bachelor's degree. Also, she spent five months in the Netherlands, Groningen University, during her studies to learn more about clinical neuropsychology. 

After her studies, Linda spent some years traveling around the world, which brought her to Iceland. There she learned about Rebalancing bodywork after attending one of the sessions. After the first session, Linda was amazed at how she felt physically and mentally. She instantly knew that it was something she would like to learn and share with others. 

After almost two years of studying and practicing, learning from the field professionals - Atma Silvia Bök and Salila Elenore Fuchs, Linda became a Rebalancing bodyworker. Now she is helping people to experience benefits from it.



To encourage people to learn about themselves and find their inner strength and power. Help them connect with their bodies, emotions, and resources to live fulfilled, healthy, and pain-free life.​

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