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Rebalancing bodywork

Rebalancing is a body-oriented, holistic, and intensive treatment that brings people back into harmony with themselves, reconnecting body, mind, and heart. It works on bringing awareness back to your body. Deep-tissue massage, soft connective tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, breath work, emotional release, and body reading are the main techniques for Rebalancing bodywork.

Glued fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles), which holds physical and emotional pain, causes disbalance - this technique helps to release it. Therapists use slow, deep strokes using the fingers, palms, forearms, and elbows to access deep layers of muscles and fascia.

Rebalancing was developed in the 1980s in the Osho Commune in Pune, India by a group of long-time bodywork practitioners. The idea was to create a new form of bodywork that would take the best of the existing approaches and imbue them with a deeper perspective than was currently available. The main component of this new approach was to make awareness and meditativeness a central feature of the work.

Rebalancing bodywork is a systematic ten-session approach system that works throughout the whole body. In each session, the therapist works on a specific area. For example, working around the chest and diaphragm and going under the ribs to open up breathing. Get more grounding and strength by working on your legs. Though each session is complete in itself. 

A client can benefit from this approach on many levels:

  • releasing acute and chronic pain

  • becoming more self-aware, present

  • gaining better alignment 

  • improving movement

  • relaxation

  • feeling more grounded

  • releasing physical and emotional tension

  • increasing depth of breath

  • the energy level can go up

  • reducing stress level

  • releasing energetic blockages

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